THE LEO INTERNATIONAL in 2012 Mr. Mohd Faisal established a manufacturing factory of home decoration items, cremation urns, furniture, pet bowls, clocks, lighting decor, christmas decoration, wedding& party decoration, table wares, lawn& garden, catering items, bathroom ware, nautical gifts, pedicure bowls and singing bowls..

Now The Leo International has become established as the International leader in the design & manufacture of decorative bowls, metal gift baskets, vases, bookends, globes, decorative sculpture, wall mirrors, table bells, jewellery stands, photo frames, brass gifts items, chip and dip set, storage basket, umbrealla stand, terrarium, jewellery box, hangers, wall art, incense burner and table top mirrors.


Heavy Dies are made in Cast Iron or sometime in Ruber depending on shape of product, material to be used in production and quantity to be produced. Accordingly Dies are fabricated based on these aspects. These dies are then installed on Hydraulic pressing machines for the getting the items produced.


Fabrication of Handicrafts in Steel, Iron, Brass, Copper or in aluminium; all have different Tensile strenght so some machines or some processes are differnet in respective material items. Depending on hardness or softness of respective metal, fabrication of product and process is decided. Similarly Dies for shapes, Circle cutting machines or Welding machines etc. are controlled in that respect.


After fabrication of product, it is taken at Finishing Unit of our factory.Finishings are done by Polish, Matt, Plating, Powder Coating, Spray, Oil Rubbed and by other methods. We have Plants for various types of finish

  • 30 For Brass/ Copper Polish
  • 20 For Steel/ Iron Polish
  • 20 For Aluminum Polish
  • Ultra Sound Cleaning Plant
  • And Arrange More Plant As required.


Moradabad is the place in India where you can find skill of hammering manually on Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Steel, Iron etc. Hammering adds value to the product and mes the handicraft item look more beautiful. It can be very small hammering size to big hammering size as required.


Powder Coating plant is used to give required color finish to handicraft items. It also have once positive aspect that after powder coating it is Outdoor friendly. Many Garden Furniture and Ornamentals like Bird Feeder, Planters, Bird Bath etc are fabricated in Iron and then powder coated to use outdoor. This makes the items cost effective and also resistant to outdoor environment.


Once the product is ready in Aluminium or Brass or in any other metal, it is sent to Electroplating Plant to put plating of required finish say Nickel, Brass, Copper, Silver, Gold, Antique Brass Finish or others. It dependes if client want any finish by Plating or certain required finish is possible only by plating then it is done so. Product is dipped in Electroplating Tanks for fix time as much micron plating is required, then taken out and hanged to let liquid drip out. Then after applied laquer to protect the coating and Oven dried.

    • Nickle Plating Plants
    • Silver Plating Plants
    • Copper Plating Plant
    • Copper Antique Plating Plant
    • Brass Antique Plating Plants
    • Pweter Plating Plant
    • Chrome Plating Plant
    • Zinc Plating Plant
    • Rustic Plating Plant
    • Powder Coating Plant


Many Handicraft items are given different types of texture on outer surface as requested by client by method of Etching, Engraving, Chetai, Stencils, Embossing, Hammering, Printing etc.


In manufacturing of Metal Handicrafts, Two processes are mostly applied. Either by using Sheet or by Casting. Sand Casting process is used since from very long time and still this process is preferred for various shapes and items depending on its design. Respective Metal Ingot is melted at very high Temperature and poured in mould made by Sand to take required shape. and then further other steps involved.

Laser Cutting:

We have the facility of Laser Cutting on Metal sheets like Iron, Brass, Copper, Steel. These cuttings can be done on Fire Domes, Furniture, Trays, Vases, Bowls or any other items as per requirement by client based on design and product. We are leading manufacturers in Laser Cutting with all required facilities.


THE LEO INTERNATIONAL feel proud when our existing clients or New clients send us mail appreciating the quality and timely delivery. If there is any delay due to any uncontrolled reason, we pre inform customer to take required steps at their end. Mostly we ship the goods in committed time with approved quality as per sample by buyer.

We are very transparent with our client for every task, this is the main reason they like to work with us and give continous business to us relying us with full faith